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Employee Handbook in Melbourne, Florida

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Your handbook serves two important purposes: letting your employees know what you expect of them and protecting your business in case there is a dispute.

Start-Up: 0 - 4 employees

For a small business just starting out you need a good base policy manual to cover everyday employment issues like Conflicts of Interest, Days Off, Labor Laws and benefits offered.

Growing: 5 - 14 employees

For a small established business with less than 15 employees, an enhanced base policy manual is the way to go.

We will create a personalized and essential communication tool that will help your business run smoothly.

Includes quarterly reviews and manual updates for one year.

Established: 15 - 49 employees

Employment laws become more complex once you reach 15 employees.

This manual covers Federal and State regulations specific to your business. Includes quarterly reviews, automatic electronic updates for one year and an initial legal review with an employment lawyer.

More than 50 employees

Handbooks for companies larger than 50 employees will be customized to the organization based on size, locations, industry, and other variables.

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